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Funded by USAID, BeyondCapital is an LC created through a joint partnership between Endeavor Jordan, a leading non-profit that supports high-impact entrepreneurs, & Silicon Badia, a global venture capital firm focusing on investments in the tech sector.

BeyondCapital is a proactive player in the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem with a wide network leveraged to support a portfolio of 42 companies, today. As an ecosystem enabler, BeyondCapital holds a record of expertise in connecting entrepreneurs to relevant support mechanisms, investors and networks to provide them with access to capital, mentorship, talent and potential partnerships.

Established by a seed grant of USD 10M from USAID, BeyondCapital was launched as a partnership between Endeavor Jordan and Silicon Badia in October 2017. Since then have built a network of collaboration within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and investment ecosystem with a three pillar approach to bridge existing gaps.

The three-pillar approach was designed to bridge existing gaps to establish a well-rounded support system


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Tamer Al-Salah 

Managing Director 

Natasha Salti 

Marketing & Communications 

Ghalia Abu Sitteh 

Programs & Partnerships


Salma Zu’bi 

Programs & Partnerships


Natasha AbuKhader

Start-Up Support

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BeyondCapital was launched with a seed-fund of $10M from USAID.

The partnership shares a unified vision in supporting start-ups with their journey to scale and build the overall entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem in Jordan to create job creation and promote economic growth.

USAID’s funding for BeyondCapital is part of the Middle East North Africa Investment Initiative.

”Beyond Capital improves investor and business access to equity capital, advances the development of the financial system, and encourages increased equity investment in early-stage businesses. This will have a significant impact in propelling Jordan’s economic growth,” said Jim Barnhart, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S. Embassy


In partnership with Endeavor Jordan, BeyondCapital leverages a network of top-industry experts to support the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.   

Endeavor is leading the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement to drive economic growth and job creation by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world.  

Silicon Badia

In partnership with Silicon Badia, BeyondCapital has developed several investment vehicles to expand capacity in Jordan.   

Silicon Badia is one of the leading venture capital firms in the region focusing on enabling tech start-ups and providing financial support for developing products, services, and solutions in the enterprise.

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