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Introducing BCAN

(short for BeyondCapital’s Angel Network)

We recognize the need to support the expansion of angel investments in Jordan as it acts as a powerful source of fuel for early-stage companies.  

The Scout Program: A tool to gain greater visibility

10 individuals (the Scouts) are on the look-out for innovative early-stage companies focusing on creative industries, academia, disruptive technologies, women-led and social impact enterprises. Backed by funding from BeyondCapital, the program allows small ticket investments into exciting opportunities. 

To increase angel investor activity in Jordan, a matching capital component was embedded in the program which requires scouts to find external investors to co-invest alongside BeyondCapital.

Meet the Scouts

Elia Nuqul

Enad Kanaan

Talal Tabbaa

Kais Hassan

Khaleel Najjar

Sima Najjar

Khaled Hijjab

Dima Shahin

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