Facing the Fundraising Challenge: Investor Readiness

As financing remains a scarce resource in Jordan, where should entrepreneurs begin their quest for capital? BeyondCapital’s Investor Readiness Program aims to outline this process for entrepreneurs. We teamed up with ShamalStart to provide a two-day training course to 12 Jordanian and Palestinian startups. The program sought to introduce seed-stage founders to the financing ecosystem, guiding them […]

Change You Can Taste: Jordan’s F&B Industry

W hen you think of dynamic industries, tech is probably the first to come to mind. Food may be the oldest business around, but today there is no question that the industry is in flux. As tastes change in Jordan, food and beverage companies are beginning to adapt. New consumer demands do not just revolve […]

Endeavor Jordan, Silicon Badia and the USAID launch a joint fund

A joint initiative between support organization Endeavor Jordan, venture firm Silicon Badia and the USAID, launched BeyondCapital, a new fund during an event that took place in Grand Hyatt hotel, Amman on november 15. BeyondCapita, will enhance the capabilities of first-time fund managers, provide seed capital to support the establishment of new funds, invest as a limited partner […]

Why Businesses Should Bet on Sustainable Development

What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and how can they improve your organization? The SDGs address solutions for 17 major global challenges spanning economic equality, depletion of natural resources, geopolitical instability, environmental destruction, and the various effects of climate change. They outline a goal for economic growth by 2030 and were developed through collaboration between the […]

BeyondCapital Launches A Scout Program To Boost Prospects Of Early-Stage Businesses In Jordan

BeyondCapital, the USAID-funded joint initiative of Endeavor Jordan and venture capital firm Silicon Badia, has launched Scout Program- an innovative way to source new investments, with special focus on early-stage businesses in Jordan. According to a statement, the Scout Program is a part of BeyondCapital’s efforts “to build investment management capability, and unleash potential in the […]